This Year, Seek Treatment for TMJ Disorder

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Your ball and socket joints in your jaw are called your temporomandibular joints (TMJs), and they are responsible for connecting the jaw to the skull so that your mouth can exercise proper function. Due to the great number of components involved in this structure, jaw damage or a system breakdown can cause you to develop TMJ disorder. We encourage you to make this year a time to consider treatment for your TMJ symptoms.

In order to treat a TMJ disorder, we may need to treat an underlying health condition such as tooth grinding, which could be damaging your TMJs and will need to be addressed before you can find relief from TMJ disorder.

Another option is addressing jaw stress that is causing pain in the TMJs. You may find that practicing yoga and listening to soft music reduces jaw stress, while applying heat and ice packs and taking medications can treat pain. Some of the habits that irritate TMJ disorder include chewing a lot of gum, biting your nails, and often eating tough foods, and you will need to avoid these habits while your jaw is healing.

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