The Link Between Heart Disease and Oral Health

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Are you aware of the link between heart disease and your oral health? If not, that’s OK, because we are happy to explain it to you! Your overall health is essential to living a long and healthy life. Furthermore, your oral health is also a critical factor in keeping your overall health in shape. Sadly, oral health care often gets neglected due to busy schedules or poor oral hygiene habits.

That is why our dentists, Dr. Diego Flores and Dr. Connor Kelley, are here to help you understand this connection between heart disease and your oral health. Our team in Spring, Texas, is also happy to help assist you in keeping your smile healthy and in top-notch condition.

Here are some facts to help you understand the link between heart disease and oral health:

– You can lower your risk for heart disease by scheduling appointments with your dentist for checkups and cleaning.
– Poor oral hygiene can increase your risk for clogged arteries and strokes.
– Did you know a heart condition known as endocarditis can arise due to poor oral health? It’s true!
– When bacteria from your mouth spread into other parts of your body including your bloodstream, heart disease can be affected.
– Keep your mouth clean and free of bacteria to lower your risk for heart disease.
– Chronic gum conditions often lead to the biggest risks for heart disease.

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