The Importance of Customized Dentures

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If you are in the market for dentures, you may be expecting to receive a pair of pre-made generic dentures that could fit any smile. At America's Family Dental, however, we offer custom-made dentures that fit your unique smile and smile needs.

While any denture will perform the basic function of a denture appliance–replacing missing teeth–it does not provide the comfort, stability, or natural appearance that patients deserve and need. Generic dentures are often ill-fitting and uncomfortable and do not provide the strength needed to eat your favorite food, or the stability to smile without your teeth falling out.

At America's Family Dental, we are pleased to offer custom-made dentures that are created from careful impressions and models of your smile. When creating your dentures, we consider the size, shape, and contour of your smile and accommodate your unique preferences to ensure the product meets your needs and provides a look and feel that you love.

Custom-made dentures are designed to be comfortable, strong, stable, and the right fit to support your facial shape and allow you to smile, speak and chew with ease. To learn more about the importance of custom-made dentures in Spring, Texas, contact our office at 281-602-8843 and schedule your appointment with our dentists, Dr. Diego Flores and Dr. Connor Kelley.