The Basics of Tooth Decay

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Although it may seem silly to have to brush your teeth twice every day, if you wish for your oral health to remain at its peak levels, you will set aside a small amount of time each day to ensure your smile can thrive. Flossing once daily is also necessary.

For a better understanding of the basics of tooth decay, listed below are some important facts:

– Tooth decay is a common yet serious oral health disorder that is caused by the destruction of your tooth enamel.
– If left untreated, tooth decay can eventually lead to tooth loss.
– When a hole in your tooth enamel forms due to tooth decay, this is called a cavity. Fortunately, cavities can be treated with dental fillings.
– To limit the effects of tooth decay, always make regular visits to your dentist and brush twice daily and floss once daily.
– One of the most common causes of tooth decay is the development of plaque buildup in your mouth. Plaque is a thin layer of bacteria capable of converting sugars into harmful acids that can eat through tooth enamel.

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