The Link Between Heart Disease and Oral Health

Are you aware of the link between heart disease and your oral health? If not, that’s OK, because we are happy to explain it to you! Your overall health is essential to living a long and healthy life. Furthermore, your oral health is also a critical factor in keeping your overall health in shape. Sadly, oral health care often gets... read more »

The Benefits of a Teeth Cleaning

Are you dreading your six-month checkup with your dentist, Dr. Diego Flores? If so, you shouldn’t be! Your teeth cleaning appointments are very beneficial. They can help you in a myriad of ways. To help you feel more excited about your appointment, our dental team is happy to tell you about the benefits provided at a teeth cleaning appointment. First,... read more »

Three Options for Tooth Replacement

There are times in your life when you may be faced with losing teeth and then overcoming tooth loss. Fortunately, in modern dentistry, there’s an abundance of replacement options that will fully restore your smile to its full functionality. The difficult task is determining which treatment will work best for you. Listed below are three highly effective tooth replacement treatments... read more »