The Care and Maintenance of Your Toothbrush

Your toothbrush doesn’t come with a manual. And why should it? It’s a fairly simple piece of equipment. There are no moving parts, it never needs to be rebooted, and you don’t have to sharpen it or change the oil. But your toothbrush does need a little TLC to make sure that it does its job well. Here are a... read more »

Crowns Can Solve Several Dental Problems

Years ago, a severely damaged tooth often meant an extraction. However over time, dental medicine has evolved and now teeth that at one time would have been lost can be saved. One of the ways that your dentist can save a seriously compromised tooth is through the use of a dental crown. Crowns are used when there is not enough... read more »

Three Options for Tooth Replacement

There are times in your life when you may be faced with losing teeth and then overcoming tooth loss. Fortunately, in modern dentistry, there’s an abundance of replacement options that will fully restore your smile to its full functionality. The difficult task is determining which treatment will work best for you. Listed below are three highly effective tooth replacement treatments... read more »