Helpful Hints for Halloween: Caring for Your Teeth

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With the holiday rush that is among us, it is important to think about the candy rush that occurs during Halloween. Sweets & treats galore all overwhelm your senses the Halloween season, and if you are not careful, you may end up with damage to your teeth and gums. Here are a few tips to keep your smile safe:

– It is wonderful to allow loved ones the opportunity to trick or treat. However, consider non-sugar rewards by swapping out a loved one’s candy with money, toys, or other similar rewards.
– Try to snack in short binges and do not spend time grazing. By snacking over long periods of time, you increase the risk of tooth decay. In addition, eat snacks with meals.
– Any candy that you or your family may receive during trick-or-treating or other holiday festivities can be extremely hazardous. Avoid sweets such as those that do not dissolve easily or are washed away from your mouth easily.
– Always make sure you’re practicing safe and effective eating habits, including a healthy diet. This includes swapping out sugary sweets for healthy treats.
– Keep your smile safe and effective after eating candy by brushing away residue that may linger.
– For additional oral health care treatments visit your dentist for routine checkups and professional cleanings.

Be sure your teeth can enjoy Halloween for as long as you do. To make an appointment with Dr. Diego Flores, please contact us at 281-602-8843, or stop by our office in Spring, Texas. From all of us at America's Family Dental, have a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween! If you are surrounded and pestered by too many ghosts, don’t forget to ‘exorcise’!