Floss Your Teeth With One of These Four Styles

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Dental floss is a valuable tool to have and use in your everyday life. Dental floss is a powerful aid when it comes to fighting off plaque and bacteria, protecting your teeth from cavities, and fighting against gum disease that could threaten your smile and oral health.

When it comes to finding a dental floss that’s right for you and your family, how do you know which one to choose? To help you with this quest, our dentists, Dr. Diego Flores and Dr. Connor Kelley with America's Family Dental in Spring, Texas, are happy to share some necessary information on the four main styles of dental floss.

Floss picks, also known as professional flossers:
Floss picks, or professional flossers, have multiple names and brands. This dental floss is shaped like a “C” with a string of floss between the sides and a sharp pick on the handlebar. This style is fun for people who don’t like the traditional floss around their fingers. However, because the string is extremely short, you utilize more floss picks than traditional floss, and some angles are difficult to reach correctly.

Unwaxed dental floss:
Traditional threaded floss is generally known as unwaxed dental floss. This flossing style can be tough to slide between crooked teeth or teeth that are very tight together. As a result, unwaxed floss is fantastic for anyone who has experienced orthodontic treatment or those who have the ideal alignment making it easier for the floss to glide between your teeth.

Water flossers:
Water flossers are extremely popular today. In a nutshell, water flossers work by utilizing water pressure to clean between your teeth and along your gumline with a steady beam of water. Water flossers are tender on the teeth and gums and have been proven to be safe and effective. Because there is no traditional floss string around your fingers, this option has become a favorite decision for many due to convenience.

Waxed floss:
Threaded waxed floss is another traditional form of dental floss that has a slippery, waxy substance on the floss thread. The wax makes it easy for the floss to glide between teeth that are tight and crooked, so you don’t have to force it very hard to clean between your teeth and deep along the gumline, which could be painful. Waxed floss is successful for those who find it hard to place dental floss between your teeth for any reason.

As noted above, there are options when it comes to selecting a dental floss that is right for you. Flossing your teeth has never been easier than it is now with so many choices to choose from. If you floss each day, you can help protect your teeth from gum disease and other oral health complications that may arise.

With so many options to choose from, it is now easier than ever to make sure you have the tools and equipment you need to keep your smile healthy. If you have questions about your teeth or oral health, please call our office today at 281-602-8843. We are happy to schedule you an appointment or give you a dental checkup to make sure your oral health is in tip-top condition.