Crowns Can Solve Several Dental Problems

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Years ago, a severely damaged tooth often meant an extraction. However over time, dental medicine has evolved and now teeth that at one time would have been lost can be saved. One of the ways that your dentist can save a seriously compromised tooth is through the use of a dental crown.

Crowns are used when there is not enough tooth left to support a large filling. Crowns can be utilized to protect the tooth has become weak, has fractured, has had a root canal. Porcelain crowns, which are colored to match a patient’s smile can correct discoloration problems, or cover a misshapen tooth. Crowns are also effective as anchors for dental bridges, and for covering an implant.

When the dentist places a crown, he will use a drill to decrease the size of your tooth, and may remove the outer surface of the tooth, leaving the pillar of dentin. An impression of the tooth is sent to a dental lab where a permanent crown is prepared. When it is ready, it will be attached to your tooth with dental cement. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

A crown can last the rest of your life, provided you care for it properly. You need to brush at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, floss once a day, and see your dentist for your regular cleanings and exams. While the crown protects your tooth, it does not protect your gums, and proper dental care will keep your gums healthy and your crown in place.

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